Hi! I'm Alyssa! I'm 20!

I try to be friendly, so feel free so say hi, or ask a question!
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  • me:

    watching tv show

  • me:

    looks down at phone for 0.002 seconds

  • me:

    misses entire plot line of episode, introduction of 2 new characters, 1 main character dies, they are in a different country, at some point someone reproduced and offspring are spoiled and someone got a pet cat

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Dangers of online friends:


-You become emotionally attached.
-You can’t hug them whenever you want to which is something you often forget.
-You find people who don’t judge you. At all.
-You have to learn time zones. That’s a real bummer.
-You find people who love you for you.
-You sometimes cry because you just love them so much and get super emotional when you realize they are thousands of miles away from you.